Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to the Essential Apps for iPad series.  This series contains 10 modules to view and reflect on the iPad Apps discussed.  If you are using a computer to view the presentations, there is a link in each section that says Meeting Recording that you need to click on to view the recording. 

  • Formative Assessment

    This week's Apps are all great for collecting formative assessment data and other observational data.  The Apps we will be discussing this week are:

    • Socrative
    • Three Ring
    • Audioboo
    • Screenchomp
    • ShowMe
  • Digital Storytelling

    The week we will discuss Apps that allow you to create digital stories.  Digital storytelling Apps will mix photos, audio, text, to tell a story or show off their work.

    • Fotobabble
    • PixnTell
    • Tellegami
    • 30Hands
    • PicCollage
  • Video Creation

    The week we will discuss Apps that allow you to create dynamic looking videos.  These Apps will access the media on your iPad and allow you to add different effects to customize your creation. 

    • Videolicious
    • Splice
    • iMovie
    • PixnTell
    • Loopster
    • VidEditior Free
  • 1:1 Classroom

    The week we will discuss Apps that are great for all iPad users, especially people in a classroom with 1 iPad per student. 

    • Edmodo
    • Ask3
    • iTunes U


  • Slide Presentations

    The week we will discuss Apps for creating slide presentations.  These tools allow you to add media from your iPad to create informative and engaging presentations

    • Haiku Deck
    • Moxtra
    • Keynote
  • Photo Annotation

    The week we will discuss Apps for annotating images, maps, and webpages.  These Apps can be great for interactive note taking as well as having students create projects that demonstrate what they know.  

    • Skitch
    • PaperPort Notes
    • Doodle Buddy
  • Screen Recording

    The week we will discuss Apps for creating screen recordings on your iPad.  The Apps discussed were:

    • Educreations
    • Doceri
    • Explain Everything
    • ShowMe
    • Screenchomp
  • Study Aids

    The week we discussed Apps that support students' study skills.  The Apps discussed were:

    • QCards for Quizlet
    • gFlash+
    • Popplet Lite
    • Idea Sketch
    • EasyBib
  • Audio Recordings

    The week we discussed Apps the essential Apps for iPad for recording Audio. 

    • Pocket WavePad
    • Audioboo
    • Fotobabble


  • Tools for Finding Apps

    The week we discussed Apps and web resources that you can use to find quality Apps to install. 

    • App Tracker
    • Apps Gone Free
    • iPad Apps for School
  • Submitting your completed Time Log

    Once you have watched all 10 web meetings, completed the reflection questions, and recorded all of the dates of completion on your Time Log, please email it to: