Dear DMT Digital Photographers, 

I welcome you to the current title of “Photographer” rather than a “future” practitioner, because to some degree, you already have some experience in this field. We have all taken a photograph and had a photograph taken of us at some point in our lives. The art of photography is fun and inspiring. Capturing that perfect memory or moment takes creativity, technical skill and often a little bit of luck. 

In this Job Title we will begin to look at the world a little bit differently. You’re going to start seeing different compositions in nature and lighting effects that perhaps you didn’t notice yesterday.

You will be able to proficiently speak in the language of professional photographers and achieve certain effects with a variety of cameras. Most interestingly, you’ll learn about the history of photography, become introduced to the works of some of the world’s best photographers and discover the vital role the medium plays in media.

Photography is an especially convenient form of expression and media expertise because, like creative writing, you can do it anywhere, anytime for little or no cost. This class should be a starting point for you to build an online portfolio for future college admissions and employers to see your images. The portable, spontaneous nature of photography allows you to work for yourself; what a freeing opportunity that provides!

No matter your interest – sports, international news, entertainment paparazzi, formal wedding portraiture, etc. – photography can give you a front seat to monumental moments. All you have to do is make sure your lens cap is off and your mind and eyes are open…


Best regards, 

Ms. Baribeau